Simon MtuyIt’s no secret that running is Simon Mtuy’s passion. He holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest unsupported ascent/descent of Kilimanjaro, and trained the invincible Kilian Jornet to break Simon’s record in the fastest supported ascent/descent!  If he’s not guiding on the mountain or at work, you can be sure that Simon is out running!

The lower slopes of Kilimanjaro are an ideal environment for trail running due to the stunning scenery and the many footpaths used by the local Chagga people for generations to access their mountain villages and farms.


Join usOn our Kilimanjaro Stage Run,
a multi-day 260 kilometer adventure run (not a race) around the highest mountain in Africa.

From 17th to 27th October 2015
Can’t do October? In 2016 we run 7-17 August!

Or participate In a Single-day or multi-day run in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro
to explore the natural sights of Tanzania.

In the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon/Half Marathon road race held in early March,
and do it as part of a SENE exclusive run plus climb package.

 All running adventures (with the exception of the marathon/half which are on paved roads) take place on dirt trails far off the tourist beaten path.  Run through lush rain forests, past waterfalls, and experience breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro at every turn.

Kili Trail Run-44